Batman – The Telltale Series: Episode 4 – Part 2 [PC]

Batman – The Telltale Series: Episode 4 – Part 2 [PC]

24/11/2016 0 By TopStiGear

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After Bruce Wayne viciously beats up Oswald Copplepot, he is placed into Arkham Asylum by Mayor Harvey Dent. While he still struggles with the drug Vicki injected him with, he meets with an unknown patient with green hair (Anthony Ingruber) whom the others call “John Doe” that saves him from being beaten by two inmates. In the rec room, John Doe informs Bruce more about Vicki Vale’s motivation for her actions as Lady Arkham. She was the daughter of the Arkhams who were apparently killed by the Waynes after they disapproved of Thomas’ methods. Bruce asks Victor Zsasz about the identity of John Doe. John Doe causes a prison riot to help Bruce get a phone call in return for a potential future favor. To help Bruce get a phone call, John gives Zsasz a cut before he’s killed someone, prompting Zsasz to lash out at a fellow inmate.

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