Modded Hello World! #6 – Clay

Modded Hello World! #6 – Clay

07/12/2015 0 By TopStiGear

You’ve woken up on a spaceship. Why are you even on a spaceship? Either you had a really wild Friday night, or you’ve been kidnapped by the intergalactic police for disturbing the peace. Well, apparently, it’s neither of those. If you peer out of your pod’s cyan tinted windows, you can see an endless expanse of purple as far as the eye can see. You rub your eyes, just to check you’re not seeing things, but the image stays. You shift around in the pod, looking for an exit (why can’t you remember where the exit is? Everything seems so alien to you) and end up activating some robot from its deep slumber. To be correct, it seems to be more of an artificial intelligence of sorts. You hear a grating, sarcastic voice coming from deep inside your head.

“Hello world! Everything is dead and destroyed! What a beautiful day!”

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